Mums, Babies & Bumps Creative Writing Workshops

Mums & Babies Creative Writing Workshops

Where and when?

Every Wednesday 10am–12pm and 2–4pm in Stoke Newington, N16.


Unique workshops for mums and pregnant women that give you space and encouragement to record your life-changing journey as a new or expectant  mother in notebook form, to re-discover the power of pen on paper. An opportunity to delve in your subconscious and re-kindle your creative, imaginative voice in a cosy, calm, peaceful and supportive environment, with your child as an inspirational companion.

Tea, coffee, homemade cake, biscuits, baby toys and baby cuddles

How much?

£15 per session, no need to pay in advance,  I understand how unpredictable life is with a young baby

But I have no experience? I’m not a writer?

No experience necessary and I’ll show you that you are!

What will I actually do?

We start with warm-up exercises, free writing to clear our heads, then more structured exercises, I help look after the babies, it does work…women usually attend until their babies are about a year so we’ve experienced all stages! You don’t have to share what you’ve written but most do, there’s no pressure. At 11am we stop for cake and biscuits, then more writing…memoir, autobiography, poetry, games – lots of laughs and sometimes tears. There is a strong confidentiality clause so everyone feels safe to write honestly about themselves and their lives as mothers.

What other mothers say:

“Your classes have been such a saving grace for me this last year, transforming depression in to the ability to find such a deep sense of joy and contentment in being a Mum, despite all it’s challenges, and in enabling me to write again. I really love writing, but for years had been completely unable to let myself write for fear of not being very good at it (as if that mattered!) You’ve taken away all of the ridiculous fears and baggage and given me back something that’s really important to me and I really can’t thank you enough. And on my son’s behalf too – you’ve made me a much better Mum. I think what you do for new Mums is really remarkable and transformative.” Charlotte
‘I would recommend these classes to anyone.’ Dannie
‘Thanks again for your wonderful classes – they have been the most lovely, unexpected part of my maternity leave. If I could only afford one class a week, it would be this. It’s been one of the highlights of my maternity leave.’ Emma
‘I see it almost more as therapy than a learning how to write class – it always chills me out as well. I really enjoy Elaine’s company.’ Nina
‘Just want to say a big thank you to Elaine for hosting these. They have been unexpectedly funny, addictive and inspiring; I think we’ve all forged stronger friendships and understandings of each other and ourselves.’ Marcy
‘I am addicted to this class – it has been the highlight of my week and my maternity leave. A perfect mix of creative exercises and therapy have reminded me that I am so much more than ‘just a mum’. Thank you, Elaine.’ Jess
‘Elaine’s class never fails to pick me up; every week it shows me something new about myself, about my perspective on life. It’s been a luxury of self-expression that I will sorely miss when I return to work. It’s completely unique in the world of new motherhood. Between the baby-massage, baby-yoga, signing, swimming, sensory, nothing else exists that is purely for mum – on an emotional, personal, psychological level. With the added bonus that Elaine is amazing with the babies which allows you to find your creative space.’ Amy