New Women's Writing Workshop in London

Women’s Wednesday, Weekly, Writing for Wellbeing Workshop [trying saying that after a couple of glasses of red!]

Elaine’s inspirational teaching touches many aspects of writing and uncovers many emotional layers - non-judgemental, sensitive, fun, very creative and caring.

Every Wednesday morning, 10.30-12.00pm at The Last Crumb Cafe & Work Hub in Stoke Newington. No previous writing experience required, all writing is in a note book with a pen or pencil, no ‘wrong’ way to interpret any of the writing suggestions. This workshop is not about spelling, grammar, punctuation or publication but is an opportunity for all women to discover the therapeutic benefits of writing down their lives and sharing their stories in a small, supportive and un-judgemental environment. An opportunity to play with language and re-discover our creativity. The Last Crumb has great in-house baked pastries and cakes and of course, excellent coffee, tea and herbal drinks.

The space is very cosy and intimate and the pastries etc were fab. It felt as if we were being really well looked after.

To Book, please follow this link to Evenbrite: